Becoming a published author has never been easier or more affordable. Anyone with the will to write can tell their story for all to read. Like anything activity, you can do it yourself, but the effort can lack quality and your time can be better spent. Burkhart Books exists to assist authors make their dreams come true with the least effort and minimum cost. The difference between a professionally looking book and others can be extreme. Employing Burkhart to publish your book is worth it.

 The main reason partnering with Burkhart to put your book in print is because we know the publishing process. We accomplish it every day. We have the tools and expertise as well as the connections to complete the job professionally and with the highest quality. A book does not just appear on the page. A great deal of work is required to produce a book in print. Burkhart has defined the process and designated eight stages in the progression toward publication.

 The initial step in creating a book is composition. Someone must sit down and hammer out the words. Occasionally, a ghostwriter may be employed, and Burkhart has a talented team of writers available, but most often, authors write their own books. Following the completion of the author’s manuscript, Burkhart becomes involved in the process.

 A review of the author’s manuscript begins with editing and proofing. Editing involves refining the manuscript to be a coherent whole work. Proofing revises the content for proper presentation according to industry standards for spelling, grammar, and arrangement. This process is vitally important to the final outcome of the book and requires a professional approach.

 Once the work is revised for the first time, the design of the body and cover of the book is created. The design stage can be highly technical, and the professional handling of this stage is what Burkhart does best. Revision continues even after the completion of the design to assure the best presentation of the content possible. The design is the most critical part of the process and can take the most time to complete, but with input from the author produces a final product that is appealing to read.

 The next two steps in the publishing process are two sides of the same coin as they accomplish dual roles in getting the book into the hands of readers. Fulfillment is the function of establishing the means to make the book available directly to the reading public. This stage requires producing copies of the book, developing a location for the sale of the book, usually online to reach the most people and automate the procedure, and creating the method to receive payment and forward a copy of the book to the purchaser. Fulfillment is how the reader obtains the book.

The other side of the coin of providing the book to the reader is distribution. Distribution differs from fulfillment by delivering the book to networks that focus on distributing books to bookstores. Most self-published authors suffer because their book is not in a distributor’s catalog from which sellers can procure it and re-sell it. Burkhart has a unique relationship with Anchor Distributors of Pennsylvania, one of the top three distributors in the country, by which authors overcome this obstacle to publishing their book. Anchor is a traditional distributor, and printed copies of a book are required to be printed and shipped to their distribution warehouse. Burkhart also utilizes Amazon.com for distribution and fulfillment, making a Burkhart published book available worldwide and to every bookstore in the US.

Another critical step in the process is printing. Burkhart not only produces the book for authors, but we also provide it in print. Using state-of-the-art print-on-demand companies, we can provide printed books at a most reasonable cost. Because there is no minimum quantity to purchase, there is no large initial payment for printing and no storage space required for the author. Burkhart produces the book, prints the book, and converts it to digital format for those who prefer to read on a tablet. Burkhart provides books in print and eBook formats. Each book also receives a unique ISBN number as well as a Library of Congress registrations. In addition, the printed books receive a barcode for online sales.

 Promotion is the next stage in the process once the book is made available. It is the most challenging step because the traditional media no longer carry the impact they once did. Burkhart recommends that authors spend no money on promotion or marketing and provides authors with our PROMOTools document that addressed over two dozen ways to promote a book that cost nothing. Burkhart does work with authors to develop a promotional strategy that can publicize the book.

The final and continuing stage of the publishing process is coaching. Burkhart coaches authors through the entire process and the life of the relationship with the author. Direction and advice are freely given to enable the author to be informed and as successful as possible. Publishing with Burkhart Books is a partnership that benefits all parties. It creates a personal approach and enables longevity of relationships. Many of Burkhart’s authors are repeat writers, and they have employed Burkhart to produce and manage their works.

The process of publishing can be intimidating. Partnering with Burkhart Books makes it easy and affordable. Contact us today to discuss putting your book in print.

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