The Process of Personal Publishing 

Personal Publishing Often referred to as self-publishing or "vanity press,"Personal Publishing has brought the ability to publish to anyone who desires to put their book in print. What sets Burkhart Books apart from traditional and nontraditional publisherst is our relational approach. Your story is personal, and we approach each project with each author personally, as partners in the process of bringing your book to life. Other companies may be larger, but no other company will give you the personal treatment like we can. Personal Publishing with Burkhart Books is a close collaboration between partners passionate about telling a story.

The AUTHOR  It all begins with the AUTHOR who has the passion for writing a book. Burkhart Books believes that everyone has a book in them and we are equally passionate about helping you put your book in print.  

 Composition — The initial phase of Personal Publishing with Burkhart Books is the actual writing of the book, putting words on paper (figuratively, because most use computers). Most authors compose their own manuscript, but Burkhart Books employs gifted ghostwriters who can assist you in developing your manuscript . 

Editing/Proofing — Once the book has been written, it is reviewed according to accepted standards in order to produce a work that the author can be proud of and is appealing

 for others to read. The editing/proofing stage includes correcting  grammar and spelling and refining the manuscript so that it is excellent for presentation. Authors are notoriously bad editors of their own work, so we recommend an editor/proofer who can look at the work with objectivity and a keen eye for detail. Burkhart Books employs expert editors who rigorously edit & proof your book.

 Design — Next,  the layout of the body 

and cover of the book are created from the edited manuscript. This is a highly technical stage and requires a professional to perform. Design of the interior and the cover of the book involves both technicians and artists who create a work that represents the message and the personality of the author. Burkhart Books employs talented and creative artists to complete the design of your book.

Printing  This is the phase when the edited design becomes an actual book with words printed on paper. Burkhart Books has relationships with excellent third-party printers who produce professional work. In addition to the high quality of craftsmanship, no minimum quantity is required to order, eliminating the need for a large expenditure of funds to print or a large space to warehouse books. There are discounts for large orders, but we recommend that authors order books to be printed according to sales and cashflow. We can normally have books printed and shipped to anywhere in the US in seven days.

Distribution/Fulfillment  Burkhart Books is

 unique because we have a key connection with Anchor Distributors. Books by our authors are available to any bookstore in the US. We also enroll our authors' books for distribution on all major online channels in print and we convert books to digital format for distribution as an eBook for electronic devices. Fulfillment is the process of actually getting the book to the reader. The most effective way to get your book to readers is directly at appearances and events. Direct fulfillment also gains the highest return from the sale of the book because there is no distribution middle-man. An author may set up his own fulfillment system, but often it is to time-consuming and not competitive. We recommend using an online channel as your primary fulfillment agent.

Promotion — We develop a promotional strategy with the author that is specific to your needs, desires, and requirements which will increase the audience and create a platform for promoting the book and the author. 

There is much you can do on your own at little or no expense. We do not recommend spending anything until you try the myriad of promotional techniques that you can do for free. Burkhart Books helps you develop a promotional strategy tailored for your book.

Coaching — In addition to the other parts of Personal Publishing, we provide personal and 

professional guidance and assistance to every author, coaching you through every part of the process, whether we do the actual work or not, to produce a book that represents you and is appealing to the reader. Working together to publish your book is the essence of Personal Publishing.

Preferred Publisher — Burkhart Books also holds the distinction of being the preferred publisher for Gateway Church (Southlake, TX) members. The books of authors' from Gateway who employ Burkhart have their books available in the campus bookstores.

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