Releasing the Stone

Instead of Saul putting on his armor and stepping out to battle with God on his side, he tried to pass the armor on to David. To make a long story short, the armor was not made for David, he tried it on and gave it full inspection, but came to the realization that he could not defeat the Philistines with Saul’s armor. So, he turned it down, went back to the drawing board, and the plan that God gave him. As a result, he successfully prevailed over the Philistines with the sling and the stone (1 Samuel 17:46-50).

In your life there are going to be many Goliaths, they will come in all sizes, shapes and forms, but you don’t have to be defeated by them. If you just do as David did, which was to let the God of Israel guide you in the battle, you will prevail! The battle is the Lord’s anyway.

Release the stone and overcome by:

1. Putting fear behind you

2. Not being dismayed

3. Not listening to negative words

4. Not being unprepared

5. Not letting anyone kill your dreams

6. Developing a prevailing mind7. Taking authority

God has a plan in place for you … Release the stone of offense and let God make you a success.  

Paulette was born in St. Ann’s, Jamaica but  has resided with her husband, Delroy Cowan, in Palm Bay, Florida for the past 19 years.  She has eight children and ten grandchildren. Paulette is a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. She loves the Lord and encourages everyone she meets to give the Lord first place in their lives. Paulette worships at Kol Mashiach Messianic Synagogue. You can connect with Paulette at: