Teaming Up with You to Publish

Burkhart Books is your bridge between traditional publishers who are hesitant to work with new and unknown authors, and the often confusing world of self- publishing.

We provide a full menu of services to publish your work, but we allow you to select only the services you desire.
We provide the services you cannot do yourself, substantially lowering the effort and expense of publishing.

Teaming up with Burkhart Books eliminates the obstacles that stand in your way of publishing your book. Team Publishing with Burkhart Books is the easiest and most affordable way to become a published author.

We believe that everyone has a book in them and we are passionate about teaming up with authors to share their story.  Team up with us to publish your book today!

Patron Campaign
The biggest obstacle to becoming a published author is often the cost. Burkhart Books has developed a way for you to become a published author by recruiting others to help you fund your publishing project. By employing a Patron Campaign, you can publish your book at little or no cost to you, while building a faithful following who will read and promote your work. Employing a Patron Campaign overcomes the obstacle of cost to enable you to publish your book. Partner with Burkhart Books today to publish your book!

Our Services:

Navigating the
unfamiliar waters of publishing a book can be an overwhelming task. Burkhart Books stands ready to guide you through the entire publishing process. Receiving direction from an experienced mentor is invaluable. We can coach you to become the published author you desire to be. Coaching is provided to every author at no charge!
Whether your work is only an idea in your head or hand-written notes, Burkhart Books will team up with you to create a digital document ready for editing, formatting, printing. Our team of professional "ghostwriters" can compose a manuscript of your work that you will be proud of and can be edited for presentation. Composing is the process of writing the book. Don't let the writing process prevent you from publishing your book. Let us team up with you to compose your book.

Burkhart Books
can proofread and revise your work to create a document ready to design, print and promote. Our professional editors can prepare a completed work from your manuscript that can be design for printing and digital format.
Proper editing is key to preparing a successful book. Editing refines your work for publication. Authors are not typically good editors of their own material, so let us team up with you to edit your manuscript for design and presentation.
Burkhart Books
can also create a unique and attractive style and look for your work. Our team of talented artists can create unique cover art for your book. We provide the ISBN number, register your work with the Library of Congress and a add a barcode for online sales. In addition, we can convert the formatted work for electronic publishing (eBook) in all of the major formats. Designing is an important phase in the publishing process when your book is actually created. Let us partner with you to design and produce your book. 
Burkhart Books
employs state-of-the-art third party printers to create a professional product at the most competitive price. There is no mandatory quantity to order so there is no large
upfront cost for printing, nor a need to warehouse product. Books may be ordered for print according to sales or cash flow. Each printed book is an original and can be easily shipped to any location. Printing is the next key step in the process of publishing your book when you can actually see the words on paper.  Let us team up with you to print your book.
Independently published works often find obstacles to being placed in bookstores because of exclusive contracts with wholesalers. Authors who publish with Burkhart Books can have their book distributed by Anchor Distributors, one of the largest wholesale distributors of books in the US, making the book accessible to any bookstore in the US. Let Burkhart Books assist you in your fulfillment needs of distributing your book. We also distribute books through and Kindle among a myriad of other distributors.
 In addition, we can team up with you to develop a promotional strategy tailored for your work. There is much authors can do on their own to create an appeal for their book. Burkhart Books equips authors to promote their work, but we also work within the author's budget to increase the "buzz" about their book for maximum exposure. We have a unique relationship with one of the finest marketing firms in the US to help our authors maximize promotional potential. Team up with Burkhart Books to promote your work.
We can even put your out-of-print book back in print!