Louis DeSiena

Louis and Kathy DeSiena are the Senior Leaders of The Gate Fellowship and Apostolic Training Center in Jacksonville, Florida. During their many years of service in the church, passion for truth stirred in their hearts. Ordained as a prophet and with a heart of a reformer, Louis and Kathy began Voice for Restoration Ministries (VFR) in 2002. In 2007 Louis and Kathy founded what is now The Gate Fellowship, a church with one focus: the presence of God. They have a passion for training spiritual sons and daughters to be a people of power and prayer.

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For more about Louis DeSiena and his wife, Kathy, check out Voice for Restoration Ministires. 


Passionate for His Presence, Positioned for His Purpose

$ 13.95 USD

The Christian Life is not a spectator’s sport. In this book Louis DeSiena shares his experiences that will inspire the reader to“contend for God!” Vividly describing the Father’s love for you, Louis encourages a reciprocal passion for God. This book does not deal with the abstract, but the practical reality of suffering, obedience, and actually fulfilling God’s destiny for your life. You will be encouraged and inspired to pursue a personal, passionate relationship with the Father, by the Son, through the Holy Spirit as you read this book.