How to Promote Your Book

Being able to say that your book is available at sounds really cool, but for all but a very few exceptions, promoting your book on is not a cost-effective endeavor
.  The cost to ship and store product, added to the fees the online giant charges, quickly erode any profit that may be made. 

Do not despairBurkhart Books is pleased to offer a fresh way to promote your book on with ease and an assured profit.  Burkhart Books can make your printed book available on in the US, and also in Great Britain and Europe.  In addition, we can enroll your book with wholesalers like Barnes & Noble and Ingram in order to have it placed in your local bookstore.

There is no need to warehouse, ship or even print copies of your book.  We can do it for you, as well as make your book available in the US and around the world, without any additional expenditures of time, money or energy on your part.  You can continue to promote your work in any way you desire and still receive a royalty from online sales with this system.

Ask about this opportunity when you inquire about having Burkhart Books publish your book.

Network of Networks

Coming soon is a dynamic opportunity to connect your work and your network with other networks for mutual relational promotion online.
Employ Family & Friends

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising.  Creating a "buzz" about your work will promote your book.  Burkhart Books produce Eagle in a Storm by Pam Pittard in October of 2012.  By Christmas Pam had sold almost every copy of the 600 books she had ordered.  Her book is the narrative of her courageous battle with cancer.  It hit a nerve with family and friends, and beyond.  It is just one example of how an author can promote her work through relationships.

Relational promotion is the ideal method for creating a "buzz" about your work.  This does not mean you are trading on your relationships.  No one likes to be used, but friends and family can be powerful tools for promoting the worthy work of an author.  Have a friend throw a "book" party to promote your work and invite everyone your know.

Book signings can be very effective in promoting your book.  Book signings can be planned at local bookstores, churches and even at parties held in the homes of friends.  The use of everyday occasions to let people know you are an author and that your book is available can be useful without damaging precious relationships.

Encouraging your friends and family to inquire about your book at local bookstores is also a great way to urge a bookstore to carry the book.

Taking advantage of existing tools is also a proven method of promoting your work.  Contacting local bookstores and libraries can get your book noticed as well as uploading reviews of your book online at pertinent blogs and websites.
  Employ caring and willing family and friends to promote your book!

A growing way to promote your work is to create a digital version of your book for use on eReaders.  Burkhart Books can create a digital format of your work in several common versions for promotion across the spectrum of digital reading devices.

Ask us about converting your book into an eBook when you inquire about publishing your work.