Dennis Jernigan   

Dennis Jernigan makes his home in Oklahoma, where  he has raised 9 children with his wife, Melinda, very near the area where the Chronicles of Bren were first inspired. He is the author of hundreds of songs and several books, including Captured, the first story in The Chronicles of Bren series. 

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The Chronicles of Bren Book 2: Sacrifice

$ 15.00 USD

Lee Jennings, the hero from Captured, the first story in The Chronicles of Bren series, is now a teenager working on his family farm. While in the field, a strange tornado carries him to a world of fantasy and adventure in a land where he is king. Led by a benevolent creature called the Voice, Lee, now King Leonolis, discovers the sacrifices that so many have made so he could rule in a rite of passage filled with triumph and heartache.

Full of fantastic beings, magical creatures, and new dimensions, Sacrifice is wrought with twists and turns.