Charles Coker, Jr.

Charlie and Susie Coker founded Light Source Ministries Inc. in 1998. Their commission is to spread the love of Christ and the fire of revival with a prophetic edge and a tangible presence of God. They have also spent the last 30 years in business, and through the years have used their company as a vehicle for market place ministries to promote the gospel to their employees, customers, and fellow business associates.
While on a 40 day fast, the Lord instructed them to start a local fellowship with a focus on team ministry, leading to the birth of One Kingdom Fellowship in 1998. Their ministry goal is to establish the government of the Kingdom release the saints to minister.

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Church Fathers vs. Kingdom Sons

$ 14.95 USD

Church Fathers vs Kingdom Sons is the narrative of one man determined to fight for his spiritual inheritance.  Not satisfied with business as usual in the church, Charlie Coker shares his perilous journey from a religious orphan to a Kingdom Son.  Told boldly, and sometimes in the rawest of terms, this book is not for the faint of heart.  Read at your own risk!  The story related in its pages is one of pure honesty and divine power.  Charles Coker jr. is a man who encounters God in the most unusual ways, regularly.  His story will prove to impact your life for the Kingdom of God.  Be warned, the account in this book is real and not sugarcoated.  This book has proven to be a tool to transform lives.