Brian Higbee

Brian Higbee is the senior leader at CityChurch in Connellsville, PA, where he, his wife Janis and their family, have been living out Kingdom Life in the local church, business, and community, "looking beyond where we are into where the Lord wants to lead us is at the core of who we are." Leading this amazing group of believers into the fullness of the Kingdom of God is the heart of Brian's and Janis' passion.

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Living the Kingdom Life

$ 15.00 USD

Jesus set Himself as an example for us.  The Apostle Peter, one of Jesus' closest disciples, gave us clear steps to walk out life in the Kingdom of God, most of which he observed in Jesus' life.  Many Christians focus on several of the "Kingdom Steps" but knowing all the steps, how to approach them, and how to know when you are "off" will move you from wallowing in the dust of the earth to living in the divine natur: the "Kingdom Life" that God intended. Every believer needs to walk this stairway to heaven on earth.