About Burkhart Books
Burkhart Books is a nontraditional publisher which exists to assists author to put their story in print. A traditional publisher accepts around 3 of every 100 manuscripts it reviews. Our market is the other 97. Burkhart helps you to tell your story in the easiest and most affordable way.

Tim P. Taylor is the Founder
of Burkhart Books. He possesses a sincere desire to help people communicate their story. He leads a team of talented and experienced writers, artists, and designers committed to partnering with authors to published their works.

Tim has ghostwritten several books, assisted with the development and publication of many more, as well as having written his own work called, The Dream and Trials of the Man Called Joseph. He has served as a technical writer for Alcon Laboratories in Fort Worth, Texas, a research assistant to John Hagee of San Antonio, Texas, and a ghostwriter for various authors and publishing companies, including Destiny Image Publishers of Shippensburg, PA. Tim holds a B.A. from Hardin-Simmons University in History and a M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  

Tim is the son of Jack Taylor and through Burkhart Books has placed seven of Jack's out-of-print books back in publication, including the latest release of Jack's best-selling book, The Key to Triumphant 
Living, and  Jack's watershed work on spiritual warfare entitled, Victory Over The Devil, and two volumes of Jack Taylor's classic messages entitled, Much More and After the Spirit Comes. Burkhart Books has also recently released Jack Taylor's classic on the divine design for personal finances, God's Miraculous Plan of Economy, under the revised title of True Wealth. Jack Taylor's classic on the family and marriage, One Home Under God, was re-released in 2016. His ground-breaking work on praise and worship, The Hallelujah Factor, will be re-released by Burkhart Books in 2018.

Tim has worked with hundreds of 
authors to partner with them in publishing their books and manuals at minimum cost with excellent results. Tim desires to see the author maintain control of his intellectual property and receive the greatest benefit from its production and distribution.

Technology has "democratized" publishing and today anyone can create their own work. We believe that everyone has a book in them and Burkhart Books stands ready to partner with you in publishing yours.

Tim also works with his father to "steward the legacy" of the Father/Son Kingdom paradigm through Dimensions Ministries and Sonslink.  Learn more about these ministries at:  www.jackrtaylor.com & www.sonslink.com.
Burkhart was the maiden name of Tim's mother.  Barbara Sue Burkhart Taylor passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer in 2001.  Burkhart Books remembers her with each page published.
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